Triwindu is a market in Solo close to the Mangkunagaran palace selling artworks and antiques including ancient batik tools, assorted wooden masks, bronze and stone statues, wayang shadow puppets, kris daggers, paintings, antique lamps, ceramics, coins, vintage posters, interior ornaments and more. The market was built in 1939, when Indonesia was still occupied by the Dutch, to commemorate 24 years of the reign of Mangkunegara VII, king of Solo. This anniversary led to the name Triwindu: “Windu” is the name for the Javanese lunar calendar’s eight-year cycle and is often seen as a milestone in traditional beliefs and deserving of a ritual feast. The place began as a simple traditional market dominated by vendors selling food, clothes and everyday household items. But by the 1960s, Triwindu started to become known as a destination to buy and sell second-hand equipment and goods. Nowadays it is very popular by locals and tourists for the antique items.