Fortress Van Der Wijck was build in 1818 by the Dutch General Van den Bosch as the former VOC trading office located in Gombong which was prepared to fight the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. It took 4 years to build it and was originally named Fort Cochius after the Dutch general Cocius who led the Dutch in Gombong during the war of Diponegoro in 1825-1830. Fortress Van der Wijck is an octagonal building with 7168 m2 surface area with wall thickness 1.4m. The structure of the building itself consists of 2 floors. The first floor has 4 entrances and 16 very large rooms and consists of 72 windows, 63 connecting doors and exits and 8 stairs to reach on the 2nd floor of this castle building. The 2nd floor has 70 connecting doors, 84 windows and 16 rooms of relatively large size. In 1856 Fort Cochius turned into Pupillenschool (Military school) and it was only then that Fort Cochius changed its name into “Benteng Van Der Wijck” as a tribute to General Van Der Wijck for his services to the Dutch government in the army.